Cover Reveal – Wings to Redemption

Wings to Redemption

The readers have spoken. In a landslide victory against three other contenders, this month's travel novel will be Wings to Redemption. Stay tuned as we explore exotic regions of the world through the lens of this high-impact, high-intensity techno-thriller. Here's a brief summary of what we can expect.


A fast paced, romantic … [Read more...]

Let’s Tour France (Book Poll)

Love in Paris

This month we will take a tour of France. To get in the mood for our vacation, check out these fun facts about France.

Facts About France

  1. France is the second largest economy in the Eurozone.
  2. France was the most popular destination in 2012 (83 million tourists)
  3. The Louvre Museum was the most visited museum in the world (9.5 million visitors 2012).
  4. More electric cars were sold here during 2013 than any other EU … [Read more...]

Travel Novel Review – The Art of Change

Book Review - The Art of Change Kelly Andria

The Art of Change is a great story about love, acceptance, and friendship. Set in the fast-paced life of New York City, this novel discusses different life issues that average New Yorkers face every day. The highly eclectic mix of characters – led by a neurotic gallery owner who denies she has found love with a sex therapist, a very competitive businessman raising an equally competitive teenage daughter, a Ukrainian wannabe socialite looking for love and being loved by her Corsican chef husband … [Read more...]

Is Your Book A Travel Novel?

travel novels

When I started reviewing travel novels and contacting authors, the most frequent question I get asked is, “What is a travel novel?” The second most frequent question is whether or not their book can be considered a travel novel. Let’s discuss what constitutes a travel novel.

But first, why should it matter to you whether or not your book is a travel novel?

If your book can double as a travel novel, you can tap into an additional genre and double your … [Read more...]

Author Interview – Kelly Andria

Book Review - The Art of Change Kelly Andria

What is your experience with the setting of the book? Have you visited or lived in the area? If 'yes', what about the area inspired you to use it as the setting? I have lived in New York City for 30 years and I had a gallery in Chelsea of contemporary art. The setting is at the gallery and the posh East Side where I used to live. I wanted to write about it since I relocated … [Read more...]